Kumamoto Earthquake, Magnitude 7 in the south of Japan-14.04.16

My thoughts and reflections over the earthquake in Kumamoto, south of Japan.The shake hasn't calmed down....Remembering 5 years ago about the triple disaster in the north of Japan.Huge aftershocks still going.The situation seems changing. 熊本の被害の全容が見えてきたなか、浅い経験と合わせて描いてみました。しかし余震の続く被災地では今だ緊張が続いている。


Review of Wolfen for Electric Sheep Magazine

The link to their website Thanks for asking me to review it!

The trailer


Ishinomaki's 'Community Car Sharing' programme

Ishinomaki is a port city where more than 4,100 residents either died or went missing by the 2011's tsunami.I made a good bond there with a local NGO which invented a new car sharing technique to solve transport shortage after numerous cars were destroyed.This strips is a commissioned piece by the same NGO informing their particular ‘car sharing’ methods designed to deal with emergency and disaster.I can only show the first 2 pages.