The 6 pages for 'Oot the Digger'

This is the 6 page part I did for the booklet 'Oot the Digger', about the life after prison and heroin addiction.Based on a true story.


'Oot the Digger'-a comic book about life after prison.

'Oot the Digger' is a slang used among prisoners in Scotland.'Oot' is 'Out'. The whole phrase means 'out of the solitary confinement'  within the prisons.

I was commissioned to adapt a story of a former prisoner and heroin addict who managed to recover from addiction.This comic book complies 3 true stories of such former heroin addicts and prisoners and tells their personal struggles to get back into the society.
This book will be given to the prisoners who are just about to be released and also have records of drug usage to remind them with the similar people's point of views that there is an alternative and possible to rebuild their lives.


My comic artist friend Edward Ross http://edwardmaross.blogspot.co.uk/was originally commissioned to do this for the Strategy Planning Department, NHS Lothian, but he kindly involved me also for the project.

This is the part which Eddie beautifully realised.

And this part is also beautifully realised by Edinburgh based photographer Hannah Houston.

This is my part...6 pages altogether.

I met the person who allowed me to realise his story.He gave me a huge impression.What a different life he's been leading from mine.


Sketches from the British Museum

I had about an hour to kill before catching my return coach so I went to my favourite place in London- the British Museum(Not again)!I just love looking at the small ancient handicrafts.

 I like imagining what kind of thoughts were going through the makers' minds while they are creating these tiny objects.Did they also feel the same fun and satisfaction as we do today?

One thing I don't like about museums is that the clock is stopped there.Once an object gets locked up and confined in glass case, it dies for ever. To my eyes most of objects are forced to be like that. So at least I try to draw them in funky/cool ways.


English National Ballet-the Sleeping Beauty!!!

In London, I was meeting my editor, and in the evening I found myself at the London Coliseum near St Martin's, watching Sleeping Beauty by the English National  Ballet company.

They reduced down the price a lot, otherwise I couldn't afford it.Many thanks to my friend in London who suggested this and organised it for me...I really appreciate it.

When was the last time I went to see a Ballet before this?This would be the forth one for me.

A quite a change from my Aberdeen and Dundee SPL football match experience about two weeks agohttp://fumioworld.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/my-first-spl-match-aberdeen-fc-vs.html

It wasn't allowed to photograph during the performance, so you have to imagine what it was like from my sketch..But what athletes these dancers were!

Interval and a £3 ice cream.

I really enjoyed it, but don't try to do those sophisticated movements and steps at home!


Into the groove

I am into this drawing groove at moment.Nice feeling! I should draw more with the right attitude and purposefulness.I want to get better and faster.

Wait until I line them and colour...Ah, I've got to meet the deadline for the proper works!


2013 - the Year of snake!

2013 is the year of Snake, according to the Chinese Sexagency cyclc.
We simply call it 干支(Eto).Here is my annual illustration for the new year.

1.The sketch

It started off as just a simple doodling at the bottom of the page on which I was working for my Graphic novel.

And re-drawn in the appropriate size.

2.The Inking

As you can see, I still use the dipping pens for MANGA art.The one I use is called G-pen.
And the ti-pecs too.I can never find the ones you can buy here are good enough.I buy lots of these materials when I am back to Japan.

Extra elements-I couldn't help re-drawing these small skaters more than once.Taking a complete advantage, thanks to Photoshop and digital image making.


I have to say that I made it too much 60's design...Anyway it's yet another new year's image!


The first sunrise and the first drawing.

Happy New Year 2013 ! I went up Blackford Hill in Edinburgh where the Royal observatory is situated, to meet the first sunrise of 2013.

It is a Japanese custom to get up early(Or stay up all night) to observe the first sunrise of the year.

It was a bit cloudy this morning but at least I could get a glimpse of the sun.Wish you all a great year and let's turn this No.13 into a good luck No.13.