'Oot the Digger'-a comic book about life after prison.

'Oot the Digger' is a slang used among prisoners in Scotland.'Oot' is 'Out'. The whole phrase means 'out of the solitary confinement'  within the prisons.

I was commissioned to adapt a story of a former prisoner and heroin addict who managed to recover from addiction.This comic book complies 3 true stories of such former heroin addicts and prisoners and tells their personal struggles to get back into the society.
This book will be given to the prisoners who are just about to be released and also have records of drug usage to remind them with the similar people's point of views that there is an alternative and possible to rebuild their lives.


My comic artist friend Edward Ross http://edwardmaross.blogspot.co.uk/was originally commissioned to do this for the Strategy Planning Department, NHS Lothian, but he kindly involved me also for the project.

This is the part which Eddie beautifully realised.

And this part is also beautifully realised by Edinburgh based photographer Hannah Houston.

This is my part...6 pages altogether.

I met the person who allowed me to realise his story.He gave me a huge impression.What a different life he's been leading from mine.

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