Hold on Japan Week 13/6-20/6/2011 - 'Caesium green tea and France's19'

Future won't look too bright if we leave the situation as it is right now...that's the reality.Possible?I know it will be tough. Difficult thing is not to let depression take over and still try to find a humour,to keep going at it.


Hold on Japan Week 7/5-14/5/2011- 2 months on

Can renewable prevail nuclear?It's a huge question and Japan has to seriously deal with it.The first industrial nation to tackle the challenge if it has to avoid the second Fukushima.If the country can prove that the renewable resources can go up against the nuclear in cost wise, then other countries will follow.What an opportunity.


Edinburgh Leauge of Comics - Comic Book Tuck Shop poster design

My comic group 'Edinburgh League of Comics' is participating Collective Gallery Sunday Market in Edinburgh on 15th May.These are the poster designs I did for the event.