The memorial service and 1 minute silence

11/3/2011 - 11/3/2012 One year.What did we learn and what did I learn?

Since 11/3/2011, in Tohoku region of Japan,
1,5854 are confirmed dead.
3155 are still missing.
Around 34,4000 still living in temporary shelters.
No one knows exactly what's going on with
the radiation effect/damage to the environment and human body.


Illustration for the Injured Jockeys Fund/Multiple Sclerosis Society

Through an acquaintance I was asked to participate a charity exhibition to raise the fund for Multiple Sclerosis Society- www.msborders.org.uk The exhibition will be shown during this year's Cheltenham Racecourse festival(famous for horse racing)http://www.cheltenham.co.uk/fixtures/the-festival

12cm x 13.75cm pictures are hung anonymously and the visitors can purchase them at the price of £45 each. I assume it is a small, almost private like event but I am fairly content with what I produced.Hope someone buys it.