Speed up drawing- Jungle Coffee

Well,I penciled out the background. Anyway I started putting colours into my drawing..It was inevitable.Just any images coming into my head I need to realise rather than putting off.

Speed up drawing - The Cat & I

With relatively less pencil layout beforehand.The exercise continues.


Cartoon reportage- The aftermath of 2011's disaster, Kesen-numa and radioactivity inspection centre in Fukushima

These are small teaser of my new pages concerning the aftermath of 2011's Tsunami and the Nuclear disaster.This one is about the port-city of Kesen-numa, and one man's fight and struggle of continuous supports for the residents in the temporary housings. It will be published by the news magazine in Italy, Internazinale.

This one is about a private clinic in Fukushima, about 29miles away from the damaged plant.This clinic offers free Whole Body Counter examination for anyone, and also Thyroid ultra sound check up for Thyroid cancer.The clinic is called Hirata clinic and they set up a reaserch and inspection centre for radioactivity.I'm looking for a UK publisher for this.


Doodle sketch - Don't move

One summer day they find a creature which seems very different> So they venture capturing it despite of the subsequent event they'll encounter.


Doodle Sketch- Waiting for their turn

Ummm...this may be turning into a new story.I love characters and the colours.


Illustration Exercise- My aprons

I started regarding my Illustration as jigsaw puzzle, placing sets of colours and shapes in most appropriate places. I see it differently from drawing, though they both have the same root but when shapes, textures and composition get so much say in the picture, you must depart from the idea of doing everything in line. It's simply more complex.You have to bring in concept of co-ordination and arrangement of sets of visual components. Shop window displays show me a lot of clues. And the fonts are so essential now that it gives extra meanings  and charms to the picture.



Speed up drawing -Spring breezes

Another exercise to speed up line drawing technique.I must admit I did some layout before moving onto pen

I already had the right skill to develop but had a weird mental block for a longtime.There're so many regrets and I should have been more honest with my artistic direction.During my under graduate and also at the RCA I listened to too many people with the same degree of attention and confused myself.But on the whole it gave me a wider perspective on what Art is in general and I can talk from Contemporary Art to Underground Comic magazines.My favourite artist is still Antonio Tapies and Collage is a very important part of Modern art.I can listen to Vivaldi to Captain Beefheart.Obviously Manga comic books still occupy so much in me.


Speed up my drawing.

Recently I have come across with many interesting comic creators and they all inspired me in terms of how fast they work. I started experimenting without any pencil layout and go straight into pens, if not, very little pencil layout to begin with.I want to gain more speed since the teaching taking up a lot of my time.


Unique paneling structure / Time mapping

You are given some unusual panel layouts.

Imagine a tale and create a scene that would fit into these layouts

For example, how about a scene building up tension towards a climax?


Western - Two gunmen are just about to begin their duel. Depict the build up till they draw their pistols

Hunting – A rabbit running for his life, because there is a falcon above him targeting him. Depict the buildup. Will the falcon catch his prey?

Football – Penalty shoot out. The keeper and kicker face each other and this kick decides who will win the world cup. Depict the build up till the kick.

Wedding proposal – A man just about to propose his girlfriend to wed him. He draws out a wedding ring box. Will she say Yes or No or what…? Depict the emotional build up.

Late for interview - The character is getting late for his/her interview.
Busy street, traffic lights, passersby, the character is half running and glancing at the wrist watch at the same time.

The important thing is how to depict the progression. The backgrounds are integral part. Where do you map up the time progression in your panel arrangements?


Illustration exercise

Internazinale - 'Episode Tokyo Fukushima'

Thanks to the generosity of  Internazinale  I managed to publish another reportage over the natural disaster back in March 2011.I was asked to deliver the voices of Tokyoite and what they think about the accident in Fukushima nuclear power plant nowadays, especially after the 2020's Olympic games are given to the capital city.

And the English version.