Unique paneling structure / Time mapping

You are given some unusual panel layouts.

Imagine a tale and create a scene that would fit into these layouts

For example, how about a scene building up tension towards a climax?


Western - Two gunmen are just about to begin their duel. Depict the build up till they draw their pistols

Hunting – A rabbit running for his life, because there is a falcon above him targeting him. Depict the buildup. Will the falcon catch his prey?

Football – Penalty shoot out. The keeper and kicker face each other and this kick decides who will win the world cup. Depict the build up till the kick.

Wedding proposal – A man just about to propose his girlfriend to wed him. He draws out a wedding ring box. Will she say Yes or No or what…? Depict the emotional build up.

Late for interview - The character is getting late for his/her interview.
Busy street, traffic lights, passersby, the character is half running and glancing at the wrist watch at the same time.

The important thing is how to depict the progression. The backgrounds are integral part. Where do you map up the time progression in your panel arrangements?

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