Hold on Japan Day20 30/3/2011 - Yesterday's match.

D- 11,258
M- 16,344
E- 177,765
shinbun The main reason for the decrease of  numbers of the evacuees is that most of them decided to return to their homes after the electricity were back on, or some decided to go to their relatives' homes.None of the town folks of Futaba, is unable to return home because their town is within the area of 20km evacuation zone.Today they were transferred from Saitama's super sport stadium to an ex-school building now turned into an evacuation centre.It's their third move.One said 'Many can go home, but we can't.We've lost absolutly everything'.



Hold on Japan Day18 28/3/2011 - Not nice pee and Mr.Onigiri

Tepco asked for help from France, their knowledge and expertise in Nuclear energy. This is apparently a very unusual move and according to Japanese source(sankei shinbun)that France and Japan always had a close relationship in the field of nuclear development. The nuclear rod used in the reactor NO.3 was transported from France in 1999.
E- 180,868


Hold on Japan Day16 26/3/2011- Bath

Death- 10,489
Missing- 16,621
Evacuees- 243,238
sankei shinbun
They are not just numbers...everyone of them is like us, human beings.I sometimes omit the figures from the image because it's too much.


Hold on Japan Day15 25/3/2011 - Strange Emotional Rollercoaster

Death- 10,102
Missing- 17,053
Evacuees- 246,190
Once again,  more than 10,000 people- possibly 20,000 died just within a day.This blog I decided to do, cannot be finished with an upbeat tone.It's too sad.
Iodine level in tap water in Tokyo area has fallen, says the government and Media.


Hold on Japan Day14 24/3/2011 - about NOT being there

The internal lights were back on in those nuclear plants thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Fukushima 50.
Still very long way to go, those guys are costing their lives and health to save millions.While Tokyo Electric Power Co are getting all the criticisms and blames, people still endure the hardship.One thing I need to correct from the yesterday's news- the dolphin which was saved from a paddy field was in fact a sunameli porpoise and was saved by volunteers who were searching for dogs and cats, not the locals.I found this correct article in today's Independent, not the same Japanese news source which said dolphin.As far as I know they haven't said that they have mistaken(guess not so important).


Hold on Japan Day13 23/3/2011- Spring breezes in

There was a black smoke also coming out from the third reactor of the nuclear plant which halted the repair work.There is one good news.A dolphin that was brought in with tsunami and got stranded in a rice field, was rescued by the locals and put back into the sea. Some people in the West regard Japanese unmerciful with the animal but I guess they just skip this kind of inconvenience report.


Hold on Japan Day12 22/3/2011 Super stadium and cardboard boxes

There are fewer and fewer pages dedicated to Japan's earthquake in the newspapers. Yesterday The Times had 3p, Independent 3p, The guardian 2p.Today Times 2p + 1pExtra, Independent 1p+1/2.Guardian 1p.The Financial Time uses at least one entire page for the event everyday.According to The Times many of these Radiation refugees were not even given a single iodine tablet by the government.I heard on BBC 5live radio 2-3days ago that Britons in Japan were given these tablets by the British authority.That is, of course, before the decision to move these people out of the area.


Hold on Japan Day10 20/3/2011 - Milk

An 80 year old woman and her 16 year old grandson were rescued after 9days being trapped.Foreign rescue teams begin to leave Japan concluding their missions are now over.Small amount of radiation were detected within milk and spinich from the farms in the affected area.


Hold on Japan Day8 18/3/2011 - Media confusion

One week passed. The longest week in life for many including myself. At 2:46(49?)pm, there was one minuet silence all over Japan.I was in Edinburgh, exhausted in bed....


Hold on Japan Day6 16/3/2011

If you are interested in donating, please visit Redcross homepage- either British one, American one,or in your own language.Or any famous humanitarian aide organisation such as Medecine without borders.
Many many thanks


Illustration 16/03/11 Floating men

Talk and visit at University of Gloucestershire 02-03 March

Thanks to the generosity of my friend illustrator Catell Ronca, I had a privilege to do a talk about my work for the BA illustration students at University of Gloucestershire.It was a very plesent experience to meet and have chats with fellow talented students.I wish them great results and career...I hope I managed to
present them that there are many options and genres in creative industries that illustrators could lead into.Not necessary in the UK only.Options are also in abroad with internet.

Hold on Japan Day5 15/3/2011

If you are interested in donating, please visit Redcross homepage- either British one, American one,or in your own language. And there is Save the children home page.
Many many thanks


Day4 14/3/2011

BBC correspondent reported the workers in Tokyo saying 'business as usual' but cleary NOT.
There are far less people in the streets and there are queues emerging for the food in front of shops.
Never seen before in the capital. Those who would like to donate please visit http://www.redcross.org.uk/   Many many thanks.


Day3 13/3/2011

The government ordered temporary halts on the
electricity usages in other parts of Japan, to save the energy and
deliver it to the regions in need of it.
I buy some UK newspapers since the disaster struck and the cover of Independent on Sunday especially touched me.


Earthquake update 12/3/11

The explosion of the plant was apparently caused by a chemical reaction between the water(coolant?)which evaporated into hydrogen, and oxygen near
the covering ceiling.The reactor was safe and unharmed.The pressure is falling since.
(They are just my views.Don't forward it to people as information)

Earthquake struck northern Japan on 11th March 2011

Town called Rikuzen-Takada in Iwate prefecture
was completely washed away.