Illustration for my business card

As in Japan it is very much like a business card society so I had to do one for myself.Ready to rock?


Edinburgh/Japanese-Two pages for Internazionale

Here is the English version.

My first publication in Italy-Two page short for 'Internazionale'

This is a series of comic journalism the magazine runs.The concept is like receiving a postcard from different places in the world.I am pleased that they asked me to do one as the previous artists who participated it are quite well-known folks.
The story is a spin off version of my Japan's earthquake-March 2011 tale, which is the new project I am working on.
Internazionale asked me to do two more pages following this as I have just made my trip back to Japan and worked as a volunteer around Fukushima area.I am going to make a long story out of it.
There is so much to tell.