8 page short for 'Papier' - working with Delcourt for the first time.

Lewis Trondhiem kept in touch with me and introduced me to Delcourt's Papier series which was perfect for short stories.The copies arrived this week and I'm thrilled to see my story' Ghostology' next to Joann Sfer's short.

Unfortunately they got the page order wrong (or might it have been me?) but it does happen these things. I'm generally happy that I'm putting my stuff out there despite the teaching job is taking up a lot of my time. It is an incredibly slow process but I'm nevertheless making step forward in the world of comic books including another latest output I did for the LICAF's 24hr comic book marathon


Quake News from Elsewhere A meeting with mums in Fukushima

An extract- A meeting I had in Fukushima, with young mums, normal and caring.It gave me quite an impression and I once again see how a group thinking forces minority's voices pushed into a corner( in this case by the uncertainty over the radiation). Much stress and compromises after 4 years.今年四月、福島県のある街の、お母さん達に話を聞いた時の抜粋です(顔とか少し印象をあえて変えてます)。学校の長期の休みはNGOを通して 沖縄などの子供キャンプにお子さんと参加されたりしています。こういうキャンプはウクライナでは公式に認められています。福島の町かど、あらゆる所に普通 に積み重ねられた汚染土を見ると、耳を傾けなければならないと思うのです。
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