Illustration Exercise - Smoking is bad for you

Very random, very abstract.No deep meaning.Just keep producing.

These illustration exercises I'm doing recently means little regarding content.This is not to forget to making things, producing pictures and staying consistent.Not to be consumed into teaching.


Illustration Exercise - Crying man

Further complication with texture involved.Took two days while doing all the marking at the Uni.


Quake News from Elsewhere - Kesennuma, One local man's hope and struggle

Thanks to the editor from INTERNAZIONALE, I managed to put out another reportage about the North of Japan where the aftermath of 2011's Tsunami is still long lasting.

The episode tells a story of one local man’s on-going fight to help the residents at the makeshift housings in this port city called ‘Kesennuma’. His name is Mr Mitsuru Murakami and his activity really shows how frustrating it is to carry on practical supports often prevented by prejudices and bureaucracy. 

If you're interested in other previous episodes, please visit my renewed tumblr page dedicated to the event.I'll now regularly update the stories I collected over the last 2 years.

The Festival of Bande Dessinee in Amiens 7th-8th June

Yet another return to France, this time I'll be at the festival of Bande Desinee in Amiens, France between 7th and 8th June.I can't wait to see all the great names in the scene.

My face is there, in the middle circle.Anyway I'll come back with nice photos and in-depth report.


Extracts from the Quake News from Elsewhere/Tumblr page updates

Still waiting for the publication of my episode over KESEN-NUMA, although I still update my Tumblr page for this. It still hurts showing some photos of the place.Feeling guilty talking about it.

The Comc Book Festival in Bastia, Corsica 3rd - 6th April 2014

Finally I got time to write about my visit to the comic book festival in Bastia, Corsica in the beginning of last month.I went there along with all the brilliant marvels of the UK scene including Glen Baxter,Glyn Dillon, Karrie Fransman, Ian Culbard, the art director of Nobrow press Ben Newman, illustrator Nick White, children's book author Viviane Schwarz.

The UK invasion - Ever more cool looking Ben  on the left and slightly blurry faced Nick, and in the back there are legendary Glen Baxter,Ms talented upcoming
Karrie Fransman, the maestros Glyn and Ian. The guru Paul Gravett is hidden behind but his presence was always so strongly felt.Pity that Viviane stayed in the hotel that night.

 A bunch got together and drove into a drawing session.What a scene and what a flux of talents.
Me and Nick.

Here is my result held by my new friend, one of the organisers June Julien Misserrey and I created  a character based on him. So glad he didn't take it as an offense.Please visit June's blog for further scenery of Bastia

Our space

I'm not sure when we can next get together in this kind of setting again, and for me it was an absolute honour to be exhibited with all those guys, and hopefully our association will continue to grow.

For more gallery pics, please click here


Illustration Exercise - Property Ladder

This one took me absolutely too long...Property Ladder.I think I'm rather getting influenced by printmaking such as woodcut and screen printing, just simply because there is a printmaking facility and a brilliant print maker/technician right next to where I teach.So I'm getting confused in a good way!This is a massive advantage, I know!



Illustration Exercise- Slippers

Like I mentioned before, I'm starting to regard differently how an illustration should be like.It's a jigsaw puzzle with all sorts of elements(colours, forms, typography) being put together in a good balance.However, what counts is humour with a personal touch to it.My latest shows a fine example of my character depiction and movement being involved.


Extracts from my latest reportage about one hospital in Fukushima

I've been dying to show my latest reportage from Fukushima, but I can't show it until it's published properly.Here are extracts of drawing from it.The hospital has set up its own independent radioactivity research centre.Here is the link.


Quake News from Elsewhere- Tokyo, Fukushima, and the unknown relation

New episode over Tokyo’s relation with Fukushima.Here is the original English version for anyone to read.Don't forget the rest here.

Falmouth University MA Illustration Forum March 2014

It's a late report on my trip to Falmouth University in the beginning of March this year.I was invited, as a guest speaker,to talk about my cartoon reportage over 2011's Tusnami and nuclear disaster for their MA illustration forum. This event brought those big names including my former tutor Anne Howeson from the Royal College of Art and it was a great pleasure to meet up with her after 10 years since my graduation.
The guest speakers also included: Lucinda Rogers Jenny Soep Anna Cattermole and via Skype from the US, Sue Coe hosted by another cracking illustrator/tutor from the University of the West England Gary Embury.I really had an inspiring time.


I was in fact quite ill at that time, one of the sketches I did during the forum.A few days after this I went back to Japan to research on the 3rd year anniversary of the disaster, which is now turning into new strips.


Snow(Black)White and her seven dwarves(inspired by Miles Davis's Bitches Brew)

In the last few days I went back to my passion for Miles Davis's music and somehow these images came up in my head.I decided to sketch out and here they are.The question is shall I turn it into a short story or not?Packed with adventures and backed by Miles's 70's funk electronica albums such as Bitches Brew and Big Fun?