Illustration Exercise- East London Hackney 8pm

 When I was students at art schools I was terrible at backgrounds and hated it and always doing characters with blank backgrounds.Now I love doing scenery, though I'm still really crap at it.


For Andrzej Kilimowski, my illustration tutor at the Royal Colleg of Art

Andrzej KlimowskiAndrzej Klimowski, Expo 92 Sevilla Dni Wroclawia, 1992Klimowski_06
During 2001-2003 I was taught by Andrzej Klimowski, the professor of Illustration at Royal College of Art.He is a London born Polish artist who established himself with surrealistic but very mesmerising poster designs and book cover illustrations for Harold Pinter and Milan Kundera's works. Andrzej is retiring from his post at the Royal College this summer so I have done a quick strips in respect to his contribution.


Illustration Exercise - the Beach

A bit weak...It is basically the original drawing wasn't suited for the art direction. It was a wrong choice of characters and composition.I must get rid of the idea of perspective.


Illustration Exercise - My dippy soldiers

Tried something British related. About boiled egg and toast.I always liked the idea of calling these small cut pieces 'soldiers'. They say, 'cut the toast into soldiers'.