Fumio's soysauce is coming

Refer to the details via Edinburgh League of Comics website.


  1. Hi!
    Is it possible to buy your artwork or print (to frame it)? If so, please let me know where from.
    Sauce Soja be available from Amazon uk soon or shall I just order from Amazon canada?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Aiko san!

      Thank you so mcuh for your comment.It's been really so long!I saw your mum and dad quite often recently when I returned to Japan because of what happened and what's been happening etc..I should make an effort to come and see you when I am down in London.You are in London right?

      I don't produce any prints or artworks on sale as I have just started, in a way, as an independent professional and very busy doing my next graphic novel for a UK publisher.I haven't yet come around to do the other parts of the business like selling limited editions or original artworks but once I feel more stable and have produced enough stuff I will start that too.

      As you may be aware, my book sauce soja is coming out on 24th of this month in Europe.Surely the delivery cost will be cheaper than ordering it from Canada.
      So once it came out in Amazon.fr, or .uk, I let people know.Thanks so much for showing your interest.

      All the best wishes to you as well as your family.
      And hopefully see you soon.