Hold on Japan Day5 15/3/2011

If you are interested in donating, please visit Redcross homepage- either British one, American one,or in your own language. And there is Save the children home page.
Many many thanks


  1. Dearest Fumio,

    We think of the people in Japan with broken hearts for the ones who lost their loved ones and all their livelihoods. May God give them healing and sift help. It's very hard to imagine what they are going through.

    Lots of love,

  2. Hi Ioana, Thanks a lot for the comment.This whole event is of course emotionally difficult because I am worried about my family who are still very much in a danger potentially. But we all have to get on with our daily lives beacuse we are (not me)already in our homeland.Those who panic and flee have their homeland elsewhere so they can panic...But we simply can't panic for that very reason.I am realising many things by doing this dialy.The way British press truning their prime attention on to Lybia crisis for example,(and I have a mixed feeling about it)and how their technique differs from the Japanese press. See you soon.Fumio

  3. Miss spelling- Libya, not Lybia