Just So Happens

Just So Happens is the new graphic novel I wrote for Jonathan Cape, Random House. The book is now available in the general UK book stores from February 2014.

                                               THE REVIEWS

By Rachel Cook for the Observer

 By James Smart for the Guardian

By Yo Zushi for the NewStatesman 21-27 March 2014

Review by the Emerald Street

Summary:It's a tale of a young Japanese woman who has lived away from Japan for some years and feels at home in London... Or rather, that was what she believed in until she encounters the sudden dearth of her father.Upon returning to Japan to attend the funeral and the subsequent little journey she takes, her emotions go through unexpected transformations.

The research materials and unused panels from the book.


                                              The cover studies


     Initial storyboard concepts


                                           The Noh stage studies


                                          The character designs


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