Taking a part in group exhibition in the Kyoto International Manga Museum

My work will be shown for the first time in Japan!
 From 15th March to 25th May, at the Kyoto International Manga Museum.
It's a group exhibition about French comic book artist who work with kurasiki ehon-kan, as I happen to too. The artists include jose parrondo Jerome Boulbes  Freddy Nadolny Poustochkine A-li-ce and Gaelle Duhaze .  I'm so honoured to be presented by these amazing talents from France. I'm indeed the odd one in the basket, as the exhibition is about the French comic art and I'm Japanese based in the UK, but please don't go into that.
 The original pages from 'L'incyable histoire de la sauce soja' will be exhibited and some of my charcoal drawings too. I hope to get hold of some photos for the exhibiton and put them up in here.

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