Illustrations for the Slate Book Review

Renowned American online magazine, The Slate Magazine has just reviewed the US version of Just So Happens. And they also commissioned me to do illustrations for several book reviews too. Each time they review a graphic novel they ask the comic artist to illustrate for other articles - I loved this routine and very pleased to put my name among some of the big up-coming names.

This is for the article about the on-foot trip from Munich to Paris by the renown German filmmaker Werner Herzog during the Winter of 1974.

This is about a book by an American celebrity Kim Kardashian who is mad about doing selfie and ended up publishing photo compilation of herself.

This is for a book discussing about how fascinating some stationery are such as highlight pans, paper clips,sellotape, and erasers etc, their histories and backgrounds.

It's for a review about yet another novel about Zombies but this reviewer, Joshua Levin, happened to share the same name as the protagonist of the very story. 

This is the most resonating one. The review writes how to teach young children about death

This is about Kathy Acker and her last correspondence with Mackenzie Wark.The great period of experimental novels in the late 90's.

Illustration for the review about Kate Atkinson's new novel, A God in Ruins.The book talks about a RFF veteran who goes through all the changes in the world around him.

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