Illustration for the Injured Jockeys Fund/Multiple Sclerosis Society

Through an acquaintance I was asked to participate a charity exhibition to raise the fund for Multiple Sclerosis Society- www.msborders.org.uk The exhibition will be shown during this year's Cheltenham Racecourse festival(famous for horse racing)http://www.cheltenham.co.uk/fixtures/the-festival

12cm x 13.75cm pictures are hung anonymously and the visitors can purchase them at the price of £45 each. I assume it is a small, almost private like event but I am fairly content with what I produced.Hope someone buys it.


  1. Fun and cute. Great job. ^^

  2. Wow, thanks so much!I did my best to make it interesting..

  3. My mother received her copy of Soya sauce today from "Shachou" in her hospital. She is delighted, Thanks!

  4. Dear Aiko-san
    I heard about what happened and I am shocked.I hope all of you are coping alright.The book is such modest but the least thing I could do and it's very nice of 'Shachou'.Please take care and hope to see you around soon.Love Fumio